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    In the recent explosion of talent and DJs that the music industry has witnessed in the past few years, there are very few who can show the long-spanning career DJ Vteq has cultivated throughout his nearly two decade span as an open-format DJ. Few DJs can truly attest to the the kind of dedication to a unique and quality sound DJ Vteq has uncompromisingly championed.

 More than a performer, he has been a leader, taking the turntablist movement in Dallas/Fort Worth from a local collective to a metro-wide prominence. As director of the DFW Chapter of Texas Scratch League, he has established a close-knit community of DJs supporting each other through the art of turntablism.

  His story begins in 1999, working as a mobile DJ, he paid his way through college rocking college parties at UTA, UNT, UT-Austin, UH, and SHSU. He gained experience throughout the years as a premier wedding & corporate event DJ as well. 

In 2009, he joined the club & bar scene playing at places such as Zubar, Gloria's, BlackFinn, and TopGolf.

  As an on-air mixer at KNON 89.3FM, 96.9 KISS FM and internet radio stations, Vteq's mixes have been heard by thousands. 

  Currently you can find DJ Vteq spinning at TopGolf Dallas and other popular clubs/bars in DFW.



Today's wise words

"One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain" - Bob Marley

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